Do Financial Advisors Earn A Lot Of Money In The UK?

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The need to hire a financial advisor isn’t a compulsory one, but the increased necessity for hiring one is alarming. Management of funds, investment opportunities, healthy retirement plans, and many other benefits are what professional financial advisors offer. The topic of the cost of how expensive hiring a financial advisor and the average earning of a financial advisor top the list of the things people wish to find out about financial advisors. The “high cost” tag as always been associated with the profession of financial advisor; this is right and wrong based on perspectives. Hiring a financial advisor will generally cost you thousands of Pounds, but this price can vary based on why you are hiring one.

“The question of how much a financial advisor earns” and “how much hiring a financial advisor costs” will vary based on the same factors. So discussing these factors will handle both questions and provide clarity on both; it is more like killing two birds with one stone. Having the right mindset about hiring a financial advisor and knowing the essential questions to ask one before hiring can improve the thrilling experience and also help you avoid the bad experiences, others have had.

What are the factors that determine the amount a financial advisor make?

The following factors will determine how much a financial advisor makes:


How much a financial advisor will make will vary based on the location. An elite environment will generally understand the need for a financial advisor and will, therefore, be willing to pay for one. The earning of a financial advisor will vary based on location; on the average, a financial advisor earns above £89,000 per year while a financial advisor in a neighbouring city can earn more or less £79,000 per year.

Years of experience

The years of a financial advisor will mostly determine how much he/she will earn. A junior financial advisor with at least 2 years of experience will make within the range average of £35,000 to £50,000 per annum while a pro financial advisor with over 15 years of experience can earn between the ranges of £200,000 to £300,000 per annum. So, the higher the years of experience, the higher customers have to pay; as a result of this, the more they earn. 

Professional certifications

The professional certification of a financial advisor will have a significant say on earning. Clients are generally ready to pay more for financial advisors with professional and extra qualifications.

Supply and demand

The demand for a financial advisor is generally high irrespective of the location. The probability of a professional financial advisor earning more from switching between companies due to high demand is very likely. Also, financial advisors get to enjoy additional loyalty bonuses for sticking to a particular company for a long time. In conclusion, all financial advisors earn a decent profit per annum, but there is no fixed price to how much they can make as they vary most times due to the factors mentioned above.

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